About the database

The database was developed as part of the Research Equipment Use and Sharing Project whose primary aim was to:

  1. encourage collaboration and shared use of research facilities and equipment within Oxford, and
  2. to help researchers when considering developing grant applications (including where the Research Councils require an assessment of existing assets).

The database holds information on equipment over £25k and documents the department and location, whether a piece of equipment is shareable or not, the technical specification (including modifications and limitations), availability, access, restrictions and a website link where available. In addition each piece of equipment has been classified under a category and sub-category listing.

About the project

The Research Equipment Use and Sharing project was established in 2010 and was co-sponsored by the TRAC and FEC Group (chaired by Professor William James) and the Integrated Services Interest Group (chaired by Mr Michael Sibley). The project was designed to promote Oxford’s Small Research Facilities (SRFs) and to examine ways to ensure Oxford is using its current research equipment and facilities to full potential (including how we encourage collaboration and the shared use of equipment within Oxford).

Members of the project group include Dr. Glenn Swafford (Director of Research Services and chair of the group), Tricia Murkin (Senior Research Finance Officer, Research Services), Gerry Pocklington (administrator for the Department of Biochemistry), John Deller (administrator for the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics), Michelle Warren (Facilitator, Department of Physics), and Colin Ryde (Director of Administration and Finance, Department of Chemistry).

More information about Research Facilities and Equipment can be found on the Research Support Website.