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CPS Instruments CPS Disc Centrifuge

Ultra-high resolution, high accuracy measurement of particle size distribution. Highly poly-dispersed particles can be measured in the size range of ~2.0 nm to ~75 microns depending on density. Ability to measure/monitor nano-particle coating thickness. Minimum detection limit below 10⁻⁸ gram active sample for narrow peaks. Dynamic range capability >1000 for measurement of broad and multimodal distributions.  

Category: Differential Sedimentation
Managed by: Department of Materials, University of Oxford
Location: Hirsch Building, Begbroke Science Park
Facility: Oxford Materials Characterisation Service (OMCS)
Availability: Excellent - generally available.
Shareability: None
Access prerequisites: Part of the Oxford Materials Characterisation Services (OMCS). Facility open to other University departments (if capacity).
More information: http://www-omcs.materials.ox.ac.uk/

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