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Thin Film Facility

Provides custom coatings for the optical, electronic, semiconductor and aerospace fields:
* Varian Evaporation Plant for small scale experimental work.
* Leybold Evaporation Plant - can fit up to 10" diameter.
* Edwards E500 Evaporation Plant  for optical coatings.  
* Edwards E19 for gold coating with substrate heating.

Category: Thin Film Deposition
Managed by: Department of Physics, University of Oxford
Location: Denys Wilkinson Building, University Science Area
Facility: Thin Film Facility
Availability: Spare capacity on weekdays is variable.
Shareability: None
Access prerequisites: SRF service contact.
Restrictions on use: Requires relevant service staff support and risk assessment.
More information: http://www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/enterprise/thin-film-facility

Contact information

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