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COSMIC Cryo-EM Facility

Category: Cryo- Electron Microscopy
Managed by: Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford
Description: The Central Oxford Structural Molecular Imaging Centre (COSMIC) is a state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy facility in the South Parks Rd Science Area at Oxford University. COSMIC facilitates an exciting and diverse range of structural biology research at Oxford with cryo-EM and is also open to external research users as well as industry. COSMIC comprises of a fleet of high end instrumentation and computing for every stage of the cryo-EM workflow: • FEI Tecnai T12 TEM (in association with the Dunn School EM Facility) for screening samples using negative staining • FEI Talos 200 kV cryo-TEM with STEM detector for screening cryo-grids and for cryo-tomography and cryo-STEM tomography • FEI Arctica 200 kV cryo-TEM with FEI Falcon 3 direct electron detector for high throughput screening of cryo-grids and single particle analysis • FEI Titan Krios 300 kV cryo-TEM with FEI Falcon 3 and Gatan Bioquantum direct electron detectors for high resolution single particle analysis, cryo-tomography and cryo-STEM tomography • Two FEI Mark IV Vitrobots for preparing cryo-EM grids • High performance computing for data storage and processing • Dedicated staff to train and support users
More information: http://web.path.ox.ac.uk/~bioimaging/electronmicroscope/cryo_em.html

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