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QiaSymphony Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Facility (QANE)

Category: RNA and DNA Extraction
Managed by: The Jenner Institute, University of Oxford
Description: The Qiagen QiaSymphony SP and Agilent Tapestation 2200 have been set up as a Small Research Facility that is part of the Jenner Institute, in the Old Road Campus Research Building, Oxford. The facility provides two main services: With the QiaSymphony: Automated extraction of DNA or total RNA from a wide variety of source materials, and RNA from Paxgene blood tubes (not compatible with TEMPUS tubes). With the Tapestation 2200: Quality analysis of cDNA up to 1Kb, gDNA, RNA (RINe calculation of quality) or protein 20-200KDa. These services are available to all members of Oxford University, other academic institutions, and industry.
More information: http://www.jenner.ac.uk/qiasymphony-automated-nucleic-acid-extraction-qane

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